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YAKOVENKO Alexander Vladimirovich

Alexander Vladimirovich Yakovenko arrived in London to assume his duties as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the Court of St.James’s on 29th January 2011. Before his appointment, Dr. Yakovenko served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in charge of multilateral diplomacy (UN, UNESCO and other international organizations, economic and humanitarian co-operation, human rights, environmental co-operation, climate change, education, culture and sports).

Having graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Alexander V.Yakovenko, Doctor of Law and Professor, began his diplomatic career in 1976 and has since then occupied various positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, including the Department of International Organizations, the Permanent Mission of the USSR to the United Nations in New York, the Foreign Policy Planning Department, the Department of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation, the Department of Security and Disarmament, the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to International Organizations in Vienna, and the Information and Press Department.

Dr. Yakovenko participated in numerous sessions of the UN Security Council and General Assembly, the UNESCO General Conference, various OSCE forums, negotiations on conventional armed forces in Europe and confidence building measures, the IAEA Board of Governors meetings, the Russian-American Joint Commission on Economic and Technological Cooperation, and the G8 expert meetings.

He was also the head of the Russian delegation at the International Space Station negotiations (1993-1998).

* * *

2005-2011 - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

2000-2005 – Spokesman of MFA of Russia, Director of the Information and Press Department, MFA.

1997-2000 - Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to International Organizations in Vienna.

1995-1997 - Deputy Director of the Department of Security and Disarmament, MFA, Russian representative at the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) Governing Board (Moscow).

1993-1995 - Deputy Director of the Department of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation, MFA.

1976-1993 held various diplomatic positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

* * *


Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (Moscow)

Corresponding member of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences (Kazan, Russia)

Member of the Space Council, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow)

Member of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA, Paris)

Member of the International Institute of Space Law (IISL, Paris)

* * *


Author of several books and a manual on international law. More than 150 publications on international relations and Russian foreign policy, science, education and cultural issues.

* * *

Date of birth: 21 October 1954
Place of birth: Gomel, USSR
Family: Married. Has a daughter
Languages: Russian, English, French


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13.04.2014 22:19 - Ian Thomson

Keep your army out of Ukraine. Everyone can see what you are doing. You will be hated for generations. Do you think the Ukrainians have forgotten how the Soviets starved them in the 1930s? Do you think the people of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia love you since you invaded them in 1940? No. They hate you. What are you going to do - create a new empire? It won't work. A restored Russian empire would collapse under the weight of its own contradictions - just as the last one did. And you will make your own people and your enslaved neighbours poor and wretched in the process. Just like last time.

20.03.2014 09:40 - Gerard Berry

1930's Germany annexes parts of Poland to bring former Prussian Regions into the fold, quickly followed by the German Speaking areas of the Czech Republic. A greater Germany unfolds. 2014 Russia annexes Crimea followed by ???? Donetsk, Kharkiv.....maybe London (now full of Russian Speakers. May the Tryzub fly over the Crimea one day in the future and the 'Bear' returns to its cave.

19.03.2014 19:23 - Waldemar Spirodon

So, applying perverted russian logic, the Crimean Tartars, Ukrainians, Estonians, Georgians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Poles etc, should combine forces, declare russia an illegal & illegitimate state (that it is) and invade russia beacuse all of these ethinic groups and other minority groups are currently victims of ongoing russian oppresion, imperialism and totalitarianism. Note your so-called great patriotic war is an absolute myth. Remember russia started World War II by invading Poland on 17 September 1939, 75 years ago.

18.03.2014 11:30 - Yuri Gagarin

Hey Sasha - guess what? Sergei, Andrei, Yevgeny and I make referendum last night in pub while English landlord was in cellar. Great news - 100% are 'yes' voting for Dog and Duck join Soviet Union, I mean Russian Federation. It was easy like cake! Barmaid complained but we told her shut up or she go in cellar with landlord. Tell Vladimiir hurry recognise Dog and Duck as independent country. Also tell him we need new national anthem, but only for couple of days until we are in Russia, right?. Да здравствует Советский Союз! Yuri

14.03.2014 00:16 - Simon Purins

Vladimir Putin is an International Criminal. Once a KGB officer - always a KGB officer...Leave the Ukraine NOW. Stalin sent my grandmother to Siberia on 13th July 1941…There are one fuck of a lot of people out here in Europe with very long memories...The time of the Russian Bear is over…over…OVER. FULL STOP. ENDGAME.

11.03.2014 12:33 - George Englishname

Excellency - I am true English citizen living in Minehead England eating lots of chips and fish, jolly good show old chap. I am not Russian embassy staff writing American way, no, no, definitely not. I prostrate myself before his imperial majesty Putin and beg him bring peace and security to Minehead and save us from fascist thugs from Taunton who provoke us with their 'freedom of speech' and their 'blackthorn' cider. English police do not protect us from these madmen. Send Russian soldiers in Russian lorries, but remember no badges so no one thinks we I mean they are Russian. Да здравствует Путин! George Englishname

10.03.2014 11:22 - Tom Sanders

Dear Alexander Vladimirovich Yakovenko, I write on behalf of Poole Quaker Meeting. Recent events in Ukraine can only have caused deep anger and frustration on all sides in the conflict. We well understand the urge on the Russian side to intervene and the determination on the Ukrainian side to resist. The situation is fraught with danger, however. We are anxious that any further escalation may lead to a major conflict that could embroil many nations with huge suffering and turmoil for years to come. We would ask you to show statesmanlike restraint and to take the problem to international arbitration. The Quakers are a world–wide organisation, who, among other things, support a testimony to peace. We believe that war and conflict never provide secure answers. History shows us that, in addition to the immorality of the suffering caused, violence does not provide a long lasting or stable solution to problems. We all share a common humanity. We believe that leaders should emphasise this rather than encouraging our differences. We urge all sides in this conflict to do all they can to restrain aggression and turn their energies from threats to meaningful negotiation. In Friendship, Tom Sanders (Clerk)

06.03.2014 12:44 - Stephen Colman

Dear Ambassador Vladimirovich, I am a British citizen writing to offer my support, respect and admiration for President Putin. In the Ukraine a democratically elected leader was removed by a frenzied gang of thugs. Those same thugs pose an extreme threat to the safety and security of ethnic Russians in the Crimea region. Mr. Putin has provided those ethnic Russians with order and stability and hope for the future. I fully support Mr. Putin's actions. God bless him. Sincerely, Mr. S. Colman

05.03.2014 02:40 - Andrew Welcome

P.S. I like your icon! God Bless you.

05.03.2014 02:39 - Andrew Welcome

Dear President Putin, It is my humble request and my sorry duty to inform you that the Ukrainin situation is a results of awful manipulation. A different look at history may make the picture clearer. There are illicit people in America who profit from factories in America and illicit factories in China making weapons and many fake items: perfume, pharmaceuticals, weapons, world currencies etc. These illicit people have been operating for more than 100 years. When Joseph Stalin was in power they was terrified of him and Communism: They would rather jump out of high story building in New York in the 1930's than live on a normal person's salary. Thje only way they could block Communism going in to more of Europe was to create Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. This they did and the Western Front was not opened for a long time in order to make certain that the Nazi forces would really degrade the forces belonging to Communism e.g. to reach Stalingrad and then Moscow would really depleat Russian resources. Many international financiers, even Jewish and businesses paid in money to the Nazi Party before the World War II. China, the home of the world of factories making fake everything (perfumes, pharmaceuticals, currencies etc) uses old commuist links to manipulate Russia. CIA manipulated in Ukraine? My opinion is Free Masons manipulate CIA and the dollar and many things in history just to make money: Moral conduct not make money, war and weapons and rebuilding etc make money. Them not care about people. Free Masons manipulated Popes for the Crusades, Henry VIII in England, The TZarist family, Vietnam, etc etc etc., That is my firm belief and opinion. Everyone knows you are strong, please be away from trap which is made. Yes, looking after people is good, please be very careful. Here is my Brif History of the organisation and I always lived in England so I know them more:

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