10 February 2016
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Emergency phone (strictly for Russian nationals in life-threatening situations in Scotland): +44 (0) 7805 932 454.


Internet: http://edinburgh.mid.ru/

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08.02.2016 12:50 - Veronika Afonina

Добрый день! Сегодня (08.02.2016) была в Консульстве в Эдинбурге, хотела бы поблагодарить всех сотрудников Консульства за работу. По моему вопросу все было сделано очень быстро, мне все подробно рассказали и объяснили. При мне также сотрудники Консульства помогли решить проблему других посетителей, причем мне необыкновенно понравилось человечное, теплое и отзывчивое отношение сотрудниц Консульства к посетителям и желание помочь. Ну и конечно, их проблема была также решена, за что огромное спасибо!

04.02.2016 13:56 - donald s. gillepie

I must confess, after 45 years traveling and studying Russian history and culture that, apart from anomalous times such as the Soviet period, Russia, above all the countries on the earth, has treated her various peoples with equanimity and generosity. In the face of Europe now disintegrating culturally, she is the vanguard on how a people should safeguard his natural and constitutional rights. I wish you and Presidentu Rusii, Valdimir Vladimievich well. Yours sincerely, Donald S. Gillespie

31.01.2016 22:26 - Dr Nail S Gizatullin

This the translation of an article published on the site of "Russia 24" in response to the recent BBC film about Putin. It is worth a read. Translated by Dr N Gizatullin, Ayr, South Ayrshire. A half- hour film made by BBC has surfaced. The title is similar to those on rubbishy websites, those which survive on thee principles: 1. clairvoyant's predictions; 2. endless recipes for losing weight, usually illustrating somebody's toned body attached to a fat celebrity's face and wondrous ways of keeping it up longer. Now the title of this film will automatically destined for the notorious website. Anyway, the bird of feather is now available for viewing on the web. For the BBC to produce a film like that is professional degradation. The film does not site a single document, but the tone is set by a simple technique used repeatedly. Putin is generously "covered" in virtual ink in such a way that, first one sees signs of decay, akin to the ones on a rotting body. But this is just a phase transforming the picture into a black and white image, which is supposed to chill one's soul and send goose bumps on you spine. It is already featuring a distorted mouth and a lowered eye brow, a concentrating gaze with a demonic sparkle - just an image of a villain from a manual for training make up artists. That is the way he looks, Putin that is. The technique chosen by the BBC is designed to pre-set the viewers' attitude to Putin and even scare them. The authors have obviously felt that without a scary picture they would have failed their task, as the rest of arguments are trash. If this is an example of impartiality, then our British colleagues should use these techniques with regard to their head of state and, so to speak, start at home. The British Queen definitely does not approve of this kind of journalism. But the Queen, as she is expected to, does not speak out publicly. And while she is not speaking, the BBC, funded by the tax payers' money, is acting on behalf of the British Crown. If this is the case, the BBC is tarnishing the reputation of Elizabeth II. This time metaphorically. And, hopefully, without Her Majesty's approval, and in breach of her trust. The author of the film is reporter Richard Bilton. Has never been a high flyer. Is not considered to be a specialist on Russia. Has piled up a molehill of rubbish about Putin's yacht, about allegedly Putin's palace and, and, which this is exceptionally impressive, about Putin's "expensive jogging suit". Regarding the jogging suit - this is very interesting. Richard Bilton is trying to guess its price and comes up with $3,000. No receipt presented, but a claim is put forward that the President of Russia has no moral right to do sport in an expensive suit. Very sweet, not unlike SNP's claim that the people of Scotland want independence from the UK. Arguments of that sort. Prior to these types of queries by the BBC, I have never really wondered how much are US President's underpants and what kind of jogging suit Barak Obama is wearing when doing his exercises. After all, whose business is it then again to know how Barak Obama and his pro-American English friend Cameron live and relax? It is for sure that top people in any country shouldn't be living in shoe boxes. It is quite clear too, that not every Tom, Dick and Harry should have fairy tale palaces, like the ones the British Queen has. Incidentally, the palace in Gelendzick, which is allegedly belonging to Putin, is definitely not his. Moreover, Putin has never been there. The BBC is going for dirty tricks because Russia is approaching elections. The Duma will be re-elected next autumn. 2018 is not far off either, with its presidential race. It is not surprising our English brothers are developing an itch. They cannot dig out anything against Putin in an honest transparent way and match his influence in the world and his truthfulness - but the urge to tarnish him is irresistible. In any way possible. It is quite interesting that the main authoritative expert prosecutor of Putin in the film is a fugitive Russian banker Sergei Pugachev. This man has stolen nearly a billion US dollars from the Russian State. That is a fact. In brief, here is how it happened. In 1998 Russian banks and industrialists received tax free loans from the Central Bank. by way of support. So did "Mezhprombank", which was controlled then by Sergei Pugachev. When the crisis was over, all the debtors returned the loan, whereas Pugachev had transferred the funds abroad. To his personal account. Fearing prosecution in Russia he fled to London. When the UK Supreme Court started asking awkward questions about the money, he fled to France. The BBC film with a scary title "Secret Riches of Putin" features a number of people who spoke out. All of them are seedy characters treated unkindly, if not humiliated, by destiny. They are saying something, somewhat unsure of themselves, and seem to be throwing about shreds of murky hints about nobody know what. The narrative is sown of roughly stitched together rags. Say, they start a topic about the mythical palace, friends or a yacht, but then, without bringing the argument to a logical end, jump over to allegedly Putin's property in Spain. An then this issue is dropped without any concrete facts. Witnesses seem to have voiced accusations only to hide immediately to avoid further clarification. I have seen Putin. And from a short distance. And was convinced in what every TV viewer knows: the President wears jackets of a very standard cut. One gets the impression that what Putin values in clothes is their function. A suit for the President is a uniform, nothing more. Putin's collection of ties is definitely not something he is asserting himself by. When out and about in frosty weather, he is in a basic all weather jacket or in a padded one with no frills. The military uniform fits him and this is understandable. An, finally, his favourite sport is not of the expensive type. Anyone can afford it. Putin is not into refurbishing parts of the Kremlin, where he works. The interiors of his residence on Novo-Ogaryovo are far from being flash. For him all these attributes, either clothes or working quarters, are not that important. Putin is not excessively demanding here. He is not into palaces at all. He seems not to give these things even a second thought. He works for the country from morning till night. And as a result Putin - by popular judgement - is one of the most competent heads of state on the planet, if not the most competent. For his birthday once he walked into the depths of Siberian forest. And on his last birthday he played ice hockey. These things are of value for him. An not the palaces in Spain. On holidays he prefers fishing for a pike in a remote lake in Tuva region. As to the palaces, he has seen them all over the world, and this is definitely not something which would excite our President. Everybody know that and people cannot be tricked. All his interests are associated with Russia and he is giving all his time to it. Putin is not one of those who would get a kick out making a billion. He is striving for something bigger - to make his country count - and is working on this devotedly. The BBC film "Secret Riches of Putin" there is one character, who speaks with sort of sealed lips, though with the American flag in the background. This is acting deputy US Treasury Secretary Adam Shubin. He is known for sevading the international sanctions against Iran and issuing required authorisations for American companies. As a result these companies have made over a billion US dollars through trade with a country which was under trade sanctions. Is that corruption? Yes. If corruption is making money in breech of international law, that is. An now shady Shubin is murmuring something about Putin . Nothing concrete, but again a combination of three moves. First move : Shubin says, that he "thinks the US knows that Putin has been corrupt for many years". Second move: BBC is surrounding Shubin by their swindler-"experts", who for some time in the past considered themselves as Putin's friends. These are the same Sergey Pugachev, Dmitry Scarga, Sergey Kolesnikov. All of them have fled Russia for fear of prosecution. Third move: the official representative of the White House Josh Earnest reports with military zeal, that " they stand by the US Treasury which reflects the viewpoint of the White House." What is the stand? That the deputy Head of US Treasury said that "the US knows" something! Is this the one which reflects the official position? Honestly, what is it that you are trying to say? Or accuse of ? Strictly speaking nothing was said or incriminated. Just "somebody said something" bit, some muck from over the Pond. Josh Earnest has completely forgotten BBC's technology of impartial journalism. This is the same Josh Earnest who after the crash of the Malaysian Boeing over the Ukraine was quick to report, that it was Putin who downed the plane. As far as I remember, our Foreign Affairs Department made a statement, that the US bases its policies on blatant lies. Josh Earnest sticks to the script on this one again. As it happens, this method of character assassination on offer from the BBC is simple, easily understood and not new at all. In the olden days the rivals and enemies' eyes were poked out on black and white photographs. Not unlike in the African culture of ancient religion called Wudu, where the image or a puppet, made to resemble your enemy, is being spat at or 5 inch needles are stuck into it to put a curse on them. But this Wudu we are talking about. You are not telling us that the BBC are guiding us in this direction. I personally am disgusted with this. And I promise not to use it again. We shall leave this technique to the experts in the BBC. They are really at a loss what to do anymore. Putin for them is like a bone stuck in one's throat. He is in the way of starting wars on false pretences, he is in the way of breaking up countries, and what they have done to Lybia with somebody else's hands. Putin is in the way of US attempting to conquer the world, because he himself would not give in, he stops THEM from using IS terrorists fot their own designs, as he just bombs, helping the \Syrian government army to liberate their country of barbarians. Putin is China's friend. An uncomfortable combination for the USA. But the important things is that Putin is popular and is a legitimately elected leader of Russia, the country which is too tough a nut for the USA to crack. Incidentally Putin himself warned a year ago that prior to the elections, Russia would be experiencing attempts from the outside to cause a mess in the country. "Disruptive activities are already being planned during the 2016-2018 election campaign.," noted the President. This is also about Americans dealing with our unofficial opposition. They count on leader of PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov - the one who leaks to the US lists of Russians who, in his view, need to be punished. Kasyanov has had a ceremonious meeting with the Crimean Tatar Dgemilyov who is on the run - the deputy of the Ukrainian Parliament - and promised him that, in case he gets into power, would give the Crimea to the Ukraine. As a response, there appeared a smart caricature on the wall of Kasyanov's PARNAS office: Kasyanov is surrounded by the American paraphernalia and Dgemilyev by the Turkish. In other words, together they are a force to be reckoned with! Some rubbish, so it is, really! But the Americans are counting on all this! As they do on the BBC film to the extent that they were prompt offloading it over here dubbed into Russian. How far they are from understanding the Russians... However, in the big scheme of things, why is it that our Anglo-American friends doing it all? What is the motive? It is the secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, who gave an excellent comment on that in his interview to Moskovsky Komsomolets paper, "They do not need a strong Russia. On the contrary they want to weaken our country. Break up of the Russian Federation as way to reach this objective is not off the table. This will open the doors to the US to the rich natural resources which, according to the US, Russia does not deserve.", commented Patrishev. That is why they are engaging here in all these subversive activities. Revolution or a coup - this in most cases means break up. Break up means domination by somebody. Putin, and this is what they cannot forgive him, understands perfectly well this super objective of the US. Here are his words back in November 2014, " Does America want to humiliate us? Not, that is not the case. They do not want to humiliate us. They want to dominate us, and solve their problems at our expense. Nobody in history has ever been able to do that and nobody will ever be able to succeed", stated the President.

22.01.2016 03:06 - Anne Mcdonald

I don't expect to see my comments on your website, but as an ordinary working class person I must speak out. I am disgusted that you executed a British citizen on our soil. I am disgusted equally that you you exposed so many innocent British people to death by radioactive poisoning. How would the citizens of Moscow like it? One day Mr Putin will be gone. Only then will we have the truth. Who else has this technological sophistication outside the State?

22.01.2016 01:07 - Eddie

Dear Sir, disgusted with the UK media reports in the UK on the Litvinekno case and the majority of people are wise to this, I hope the Russian federation goes form strength to strength.....

21.12.2015 20:07 - T. Mathers

I would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for the professional and exceptional level of customer service which I received at the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Edinburgh. I felt strongly that every single member of the staff was not only ready to go extra mile to help me, but also they put their hearts and souls into this matter. I am very impressed. Thank you very much indeed.

03.12.2015 16:23 - MRS Mathers

Russia you are the rising sun in the dark ignorance of the world. More and more people are realising that and nothing could change it. We love you. Thank you.

03.12.2015 12:55 - MRS Mathers

Rissia you are the rising sun in the dark ignorance of the world. More and more people are realising that and nothing could change it. We love you. Thank you.

18.11.2015 12:08 - Andrew Swan

Dear Sir, after the terrible events in Paris, I would just like to let you know that U have not forgotten the Russian people's latest loss to terrorism with the blowing up of the holiday flight from Egypt. Your terrible loss is just as tragic as any that France, Britain, America and any other country has suffered. I just wish our response from our media and politicians was as equally compassionate.

14.11.2015 21:16 - gordon spence

It may be late but I would still like to offer my sincere condolences to family and friends of those people who lost their lives or were injured with the bombing of flight 17. My wife and myself enjoyed a lovely river cruise from Moscow to St Petersburgh and met many lovely people in 2008.

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