29 November 2015
Moscow: 06:22
London: 03:22

Consular Section:  
+44(0) 203 668 7474   



Diplomatic list:

Mr. Andrey A. Pritsepov, Consul General

Mr. Igor Y. Polozkov, Senior Consul

Mr. Timofey V. Kunitskiy, Vice-Consul


58 Melville Street, Edinburgh EH3 7HF


Tel.: +44 (0) 13 1225 7098
Fax: +44 (0) 13 1225 9587

Emergency phone (strictly for Russian nationals in life-threatening situations in Scotland): +44 (0) 7805 932 454.


Internet: http://edinburgh.mid.ru/

E-Mail: visa@edconsul.co.uk


How to get there:


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18.11.2015 12:08 - Andrew Swan

Dear Sir, after the terrible events in Paris, I would just like to let you know that U have not forgotten the Russian people's latest loss to terrorism with the blowing up of the holiday flight from Egypt. Your terrible loss is just as tragic as any that France, Britain, America and any other country has suffered. I just wish our response from our media and politicians was as equally compassionate.

14.11.2015 21:16 - gordon spence

It may be late but I would still like to offer my sincere condolences to family and friends of those people who lost their lives or were injured with the bombing of flight 17. My wife and myself enjoyed a lovely river cruise from Moscow to St Petersburgh and met many lovely people in 2008.

28.10.2015 10:46 - maurice green

Thanks to Mr Putin and the brave Russian forces for taking a stand against terrorism in Syria and Iraq,obooba will be gone soon and Mr Putin will still be the man,soon we will be looking towards Russia for help in our own countries against islamic extremism,all Cameron has done is empower these fanatics with false halal certification

01.10.2015 17:15 - Denise Oneil

I would just like to say that Russia is lucky to have such a decisive leader as President Putin who is helping in the Syrian crisis, whilst Britain - led by that gormless, spineless toad Cameron - does nothing but invite thousands of immigrants into our country. I wish to God we have someone like President Putin as our leader.

26.08.2015 01:58 - Mr Proper

Is it true that the sock puppets at the Russian ministry for consumer protection have banned Ariel and Persil washing powders because they are toxic ? Imagine a country that uses its ministries like this to punish legitimate companies. Thoughly unreliable country. Maybe they misheard the glorious leader asking about money laundering his embezzled fortune.

31.08.2014 19:58 - rod

Just want you to know that most right thinking Scots think of your country as the one that defeated the Nazi's and have no axe to grind with you. Stand strong against the US Euro globalist bullies!

31.08.2014 19:55 - rod

Just want you to know that most right thinking Scots think of your country as the one that defeated the Nazi's and have no axe to grind with you. Stand strong against the US Euro globalist bullies!

27.07.2014 20:49 - Paul Smith

Dear Ambassador, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for the way Britain, and the west in general, are presenting a distorted view of reality when it comes to events unfolding in the Ukraine. It must be frustrating to hear the sabre-rattling tones of the US State Department - the expansion of the US/NATO-led military-industrial complex further eastwards and the accusations by western shills towards Russia based on social media rather than firmly established facts. Of course lazy journalism is also largely to blame for the many untruths being presented to the world as facts which has become so obvious that many people in Britain, and other countries, are beginning to question. No wonder then that RT News is becoming ever popular as people seek to understand and learn more about the Ukraine crisis from people who appear far better informed than those in the western mainstream.

21.07.2014 10:58 - juliacampbell

Dear Ambassador, i like most of the civilised world am shocked by the unfolding events of flight 17. Your leader Mr Putin could have been such a force for good in the world, but his lack of action in reigning in his thugs in Ukraine have shown us that he is no better than them. He cannot deny, or can his supporters who post wonderful things about him, the stark reality of what we are seeing on the television, of the lack of respect for the 298 people who have died under his command. his actions in this will be his legacy long after he has gone from power. The proud Russian peoples do not deserve his leadership, as their country is being tarred with his brush. He can still be a force for good, if he withdraws from Ukraine and uses his powers to try and redeem the savagery we are witnessing. History will forever show that these events are in his name only.

30.06.2014 19:03 - David McGill

I was pleased to read Consul General Pritsepov's letter in today's Herald. My father fought in the Second World War and always made us aware of the crucial contribution that Russia made to the defeat of Nazi Germany and its allies. To coincide with the current wartime commemorations I have designed a tartan for the Russian people - 'the Spirit of Russia' tartan. It is about to be woven for the first time and can be viewed at www.internationaltartans.co.uk

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