25 April 2014
Moscow: 06:52
London: 03:52

Consular Section:  
+44(0) 203 668 7474   



Diplomatic list:

Mr. Andrey A. Pritsepov, Consul General

Mr. Igor Y. Polozkov, Senior Consul

Mr. Timofey V. Kunitskiy, Vice-Consul


58 Melville Street, Edinburgh EH3 7HF


Tel.: +44 (0) 13 1225 7098
Fax: +44 (0) 13 1225 9587

Emergency phone (strictly for Russian nationals in life-threatening situations in Scotland): +44 (0) 7805 932 454.


Internet: www.rusemb.org.uk

E-Mail: visa@edconsul.co.uk


How to get there:


Comments: 3

10.03.2014 18:19 - William Cairns

Just to comment that not all the people in Scotland are against the actions of the Russian Government in the Crimea or in the Ukraine. I do not support the actions of William Hague (UK) towards Russia which is towing the line of the American Administration. (I did not expect anything else from the British Government) What is the agenda of the Western Powers?

10.08.2013 17:38 - Venue40

Gogol's 'Diary of a Madman' in a tour de force production by the NoPerks Theatre Company from New York. On at Venue 40 8.20pm till 17 August. Tickets £9.50 (£8.00 concession). Gogol's madman speaks for underdogs everywhere. www.Venue40.org.uk

17.01.2013 23:01 - Brian Bannatyne-Scott

I am writing to invite you and any Russians in Edinburgh to a concert I shall give in the Reid Hall of Edinburgh University at 1310 on Tuesday 29th January as part of the season of Concerts at Lunchtime at Edinburgh University. With Jan Waterfield (piano), I shall sing a programme of Poulenc, Ibert and Mussorgsky. The Mussorgsky will be the 4 Songs and Dances of Death and I will sing them in Russian. This is perhaps the greatest song cycle of Russian music and I hope you will be able to come and bring as many compatriots as possible. I have had a long career as an opera singer, and have sung in such Russian pieces as Boris Godunov, the Nose, Shostakovich 14th Symphony and Les Noces. My website has full details of my career (and clips from my recordings including a Borodin song) and can be found at www.bannatynescott.co.uk . I hope we can perhaps build on this contact as I am perhaps the only bass in Scotland who can sing in Russian. I live at 26/1 Murrayfield Drive EH126EB and my phone is 337 6869. I hope you can come to the concert on 29th. Best wishes, Brian Bannatyne-Scott