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Contact details of Russian speaking community associations in Great Britain

This list has been created for information purposes only and should not be interpreted as recommendation by the Embassy.

The list may not be comprehensive – representatives of any organizations not included in it are welcome to ask the Embassy directly or via the Russian Speaking Community Council to include their contact details in it, attaching information about their activities.

Diaspora Associations

Russkoiazychnaia obshchina Velikobritanii: www.obshina.org

Russian Immigrants Association: 27, Northolt RdHA2 0LHHarrow, Middlesex, Tel.: +44 (0) 20 8426 6003

Russian Community Centre, Croydon: www.russiancommunitycentre.org.uk

Sputnik Club: www.clubsputnik.org

Yalta Association (London, Hammersmith and Fulham): www.yalta-london.co.uk

Cambridge Russian-Speaking Society: www.camrusschool.co.uk

Glasgow Russian Cultural Centre: www.russiancentre.uk.com

Russian Touch, Teignmouth: www.russiantouch.co.uk

High Wycombe Russian Club: gorussianclub.co.uk

Russian Lancashire: russianlancashire.wordpress.com & russianlancashire.blogspot.com

Kalinka Social Club, Brighton: http://www.kalinka.org.uk

Russian-British Cultural Centre RUBRIC, Birmingham: www.rubric.org.uk

Scotland-Russia Forum: www.scotlandrussiaforum.org

Hull Russian Community: The Community Enterprise Centre, Cottingham Road, Hull HU5 2DH, Tel.: +44 (0) 14 8244 1002 ext. 213, mob. +44 (0) 7833 646 089

Eurolog UK: www.eurolog-uk.org

Russian Speaking Support Group serving Hampshire: www.russian-hants.co.uk

Russian Voluntary Bureau: www.rvb.org.uk

Hull Branch of Russian Community: www.hullrussiancommunity.org.uk

Tatar community in UK: www.tatar.org.uk/

Website "Russian Revels" about Russo-Soviet food in Great Britain: russianrevels.co.uk

RuSciTech - international association of Russian-speaking science and technology professionals living outside Russia: www.ru-sci-tech.org

Baltic Slavic community "Baltica": http://www.baltica.org.uk/index.php/en/

Cultural Centres & Organisations

Pushkin House: www.pushkinhouse.org.uk

Academia Rossica: www.academia-rossica.org

London intellectual games club: london.chgk.info

Russian-British Cultural Association (RBCA): http://www.rbca.info/

Student Societies

Oxford University Russian Society: www.russianoxford.org

Cambridge University Russian Society: www.russiancambridge.org

LSE Russian Society: lse.russianstudents.net

Internet portal for Russian speaking students: www.russianstudents.net

UK KVN League (student comedy show contest) www.kvnuk.co.uk

Business Networks

Russians in the City: www.russiansinthecity.eu

Russian Business Society, LSE: www.lserbs.com

Russia Midlands Business Club: www.russiamidlands.com

Russo-British Centres & Societies

SCRSS: www.scrss.org.uk

GB-Russia Society: www.gbrussia.org

British East-West Centre: www.bewc.org

The BEARR Trust: www.bearr.org

Scotland-Russia Forum: www.scotlandrussiaforum.org

Russo-British Chamber of Commerce: www.rbcc.com

Sussex Russian Society: www.sussexineurope.org/societies/sussex_russian.htm

Churches, Parishes, Religious Communities

Diocese of Surozh, Moscow Patriarchate (parishes in different locations throughout the country): www.sourozh.org/

Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (parishes in different locations throughout the country): www.rocor.org.uk/

Parish of Pokrov, Manchester (Moscow Patriarchate): www.pokrov.org.uk

Russian Language Schools & Nurseries

The London School of Russian language and Literature: www.russian-school.co.uk/

Znaniye: www.znaniye.com

Druzhba: www.druzhba.org.uk

North London Russian School: www.northlondonrussianschool.com

Raduga: www.raduga.org.uk

Raduga, Ipswich: www.russianipswich.org.uk

First Bell, Oxford: www.first-bell-russian-centre.com/content/view/29/67/

Cambridge: www.camruss.com/school.htm

Azbuka: www.azbuka.org.uk

Birmingham Russian School: www.birminghamrussianschool.org.uk

«Russian Edinburgh»: www.russianedinburgh.org.uk

Slovo School, Aberdeen: www.slovo.org.uk

Russian support group “Matryoshka”, Bognor Regis: matryoshkagroup.wordpress.com/

Lomonosov Russian School, Aberdeen: www.lomonosovrussianschool.com

Russian language courses for adult learners in London and on-line: www.russianinlondon.com

Pre-school education centre Dar: www.darcentre.co.uk

Russian language school Rosinka (Oxford): www.rosinka-school.org.uk

Chelmsford Russian School “Alyonushka” : www.crsalyonushka.org.uk

Russian school in central London: www.russianschool.org.uk

Matryoshka School, London: http://www.matryoshkaschool.com/

Russian School in Nottingham: www.nottinghamrussianschool.org.uk

Russian School in Derby: www.derbyrussianschool.org.uk

Russian School in Worcester: www.worcesterrussianschool.org.uk

The Baltica Community School of Russian Language & Art http://balticaschool.co.uk/

Russian Children's Club "Ladushki" www.ladushki.co.uk

Arts Schools

Musica Nova: www.musicanova.org.uk

Russian International Theatre School: www.rits-theatre.co.uk

Young Ballet: www.youngballet.co.uk

Annual Events

Pushkin in Britain Festival: www.pushkininbritain.com

Ivan the Terrible Polo: www.ivantheterriblepolo.co.uk/index.html

War & Peace Ball: www.warandpeaceball.org.uk

Russian Summer Ball: www.russiansummerball.com

Russian song contest www.eurolog-uk.org/en/category/russian-song-festival

Internet Portals and communities

Russian Children's World http://russianchildrensworld.com/

Russian London: www.russianlondon.com

Russian-speaking Britain: www.russianspeakingbritain.co.uk

Rupoint: rupoint.co.uk

Ponaehalitut: www.ponaehalitut.co.uk

Ru-UK: community.livejournal.com/ru_uk

Ru-London: community.livejournal.com/ru_london

Nebosvod: www.nebosvod.co.uk

RuConnect: www.ruconnect.co.uk


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18.08.2015 16:27 - Benjamin

Hello there, I have started to study Russian and I am looking for a Russian speaking club in North London so I can continue to practice my Russian with native speakers. I have visited the Ukraine 3 times and I am very serious about studying the language. Any suggestions to help me improve would be appreciated. I am not looking for tuition, unless you are very flexible and relatively cheap.

01.09.2014 21:03 - Melanie

Hi, I'm looking for Russian friends in London - I have studied Russian at university and don't want to forget it. Contact me on my email address: melanie.recke@hotmail.com

29.08.2014 13:18 - Tatiana Wood

Посещение посольства равносильно поcещению Родины!!! А когда тебя встречают профессиональные и доброжелательные работники, особенно приятно!!! Начиная с поcольских ворот...такой замечательный охранник !!! Светлана из окошка N 1 терпеливо и добро сердечно помогла откорректировать анкету, ответила на все вопросы !!! Спасибо большое!!! За теплый прием и быструю и слаженную работу!!!! Tatiana Wood

29.01.2014 14:55 - Natalya Bacon

Здравствуйте! Будем очень признательны, если ваш список Art Schools будет дополнен информацией о Балетной Школе Натальи Кремень (Natalia Kremen Ballet School, Kensington, London, www.nkballetschool.com). Преподавание осуществляется по методике Агриппины Вагановой. До 11 лет ученики занимаются 2-3 раза в неделю, а после 11 лет 5-6 раз в неделю. Имеется класс для взрослых. Все педагоги в школе профессиональные русские балерины, с дипломом Мастера по преподаванию балета по системе А.Вагановой. Главной задачей балетной школы является раскрытие индивидуального таланта и способностей студентов, развитие музыкальности и координации, подготовка к поступлению в престижные балетные труппы России и Европы, и выступление на Международных конкурсах. Школа поддерживает очень тесную связь с профессиональными танцорами из Английского Национального, Королевсного Балета, а также русскими артистами балета во время их гостролей в Лондоне. Школа Натальи Кремень признана BDQT. Email: info@nkballetschool.com https://ru-ru.facebook.com/pages/Natalia-Kremen-Ballet-School/2134787387219 Phone number: +44 (0)207 993 1102

28.01.2014 12:35 - Alla Davies

I conduct emotional educating seminars for women who are 40+. If any of above listed community associations would be interested to have such event for their women society, please call me to 07784492227 or all contact information on my website www.alladavies.com

07.12.2013 20:36 - Lucy Ives

Hi, I am looking for Russian nationals to attend a market research focus group taking place on Wednesday 11th Dec in the Holborn area. It will last approx 1.5hrs and as a thank you to anyone willing to help us we are able to pay £60 in cash. We are looking to speak to people who would visit duty free shops in airports and on occasions purchase confectionery items like chocolate or sweets from there. My contact details are li@sbxl.com or 07894 252 111. Many thanks.

01.12.2013 10:26 - Alex

Будем признательны если наше сообщество будет добавлено в список Russian Speaking Community Milton Keynes www.russiancommunitymk.org

17.10.2013 16:06 - Ros Kluckow

I am contacting you in the hopes that you will be able to help us. We are looking for a Russian person who can speak /understand English, and who will be able to assist us with a recruitment project in Russia. If this is of interest, please contact Pierre Fourie on 01784 439 930 or Ros Kluckow on 01784 439 941 roskluckow@geniusreserve.com. view our website www.geniusreserve.com

29.09.2013 13:30 - Anastasia

Здравствуйте, Добавьте, пожалуйста, нашу школу танцев “Lyric Dance Studio” в список русских организаций в Великобритании Мы приглашаем детей в возрасте от 3-х до 15 лет на занятия танцами: балет, тап, джаз, современный театр танца! Первое занятие бесплатно! Классы проводятся в районах Лондона: Stratford, Kingston upon Thames, Edmonton Green www.Lyricdance.com email: info@lyricdance.com С уважением, Анастасия

29.09.2013 13:12 - Anastasia

Здравствуйте, Мы представляем специализированный интернет-магазин русских книг для детей в Великобритании "Happy Universe". www.HappyUniverse.co.uk предлагает широкий выбор обучающей и художественной литературы для детей. Предлагаемая литература одобрена учителями, работающими с детьми-билингвами. Если это возможно, добавьте, пожалуйста, наш книжный магазин в перечень русских организаций в Великобритании. Спасибо С уважением, Анастасия

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