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Victory Day celebrated in Britain

The anniversary of Allied Victory in Europe and the contribution of the peoples of the former Soviet Union will be celebrated in Britain.

On 24 April, representatives of the Defence Attaché’s office of the Embassy will lay flowers to the graves of Soviet servicemen in Shaftesbury, Tidworth, Aldershot and Bristol. If you wish to join them, please contact us (press@rusemb.org.uk), and we will send you details on the exact time of memorial ceremonies and location of the graves.

On 29 April at 14.00 a memorial to the members of the Soviet-British military mission who died in an air crash in 1942 in Yorkshire will be unveiled near the site of the crash: Vine House, Main Street, Great Ouseburn YO26 9RQ.

On 5 May at 15.00 the Birmingham Russian School will lay flowers to the Hall of Memory in central Birmingham (http://www.hallofmemory.co.uk).

Between 6-7 May, representatives of the Defence Attaché’s office of the Embassy will lay flowers to the graves of Soviet servicemen in Leeds, Chester, Liverpool, Hartlepool, Harrogate, Huddersfield. If you wish to join them, please contact us (press@rusemb.org.uk), and we will send you details on the exact time of memorial ceremonies and location of the graves.

On 7 May at 14.00 a remembrance ceremony will be held in Manchester at the Cenotaph (St. Peter’s Sq.) with participation of the city authorities and representatives of the Russian Embassy.

On 7-12 May special week of events will be held at the Russian Arctic Convoys Museum in Wester Ross, Scotland. For more information see http://www.russianarcticconvoymuseum.co.uk/tickets.php 

On 9 May at 10.45 flowers will be laid at the Soviet War Memorial near the Imperial War Museum in London, followed by the talk “Diplomat at war” at IWM (http://www.iwm.org.uk/events/diplomat-at-war). There will also be an invitation-only reception for the veterans of the Arctic Convoys aboard HMS Belfast and, from 18.30, a free gala concert of Russian and British bands at Hay’s Galleria.

On 9 May at 10.55 the wreath will be laid at the International Submarine Memorial in Dundee, Scotland together with the representatives of the local authorities and the consular corps. The memorial commemorates the lost crews of the Allied submarines based in Dundee during the World War II including the crew of the Soviet submarine V-1 lost in 1944.

On 9 May at 14.30 a remembrance ceremony will take place in the Isle of Jersey (Westmount Memorial, near St.Helier Crematorium) with participation of theIsland’s authorities and representatives of the Russian Embassy.

On 9 May at 16.00 a meeting will take place in Hull (At the Monument of the Unknown Soldier (near House of Fraser) Paragon Street HU1 3JZ Hull).

On the eve of the Victory Day, celebrated on 9 May in Russia, many Russians, including those who live in Britain, wear a symbol of remembrance – orange and black St. George’s ribbon, which can be obtained free of charge from the Embassy (applications with your postal address should be sent by post to 6/7 KensingtonPalaceGardens, London W8 4QP or email press@rusemb.org.uk).

We can also send you, free of charge, Russian war dramas and documentaries on DVD with English voiceover and subtitles for hire (see full list and information about the films at http://rusemb.org.uk/films, subject to availability).

Another wreath will be laid in Scotland on 9 May at the Arctic Convoys Memorial on Isle of Hoy, Orkney.

If you wish to join the remembrance events in Scotland, please contact the Consulate General of Russia in Edinburgh (visa@edconsul.co.uk).


25.02.2015 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko’s remarks at the reception dedicated to Defender of Motherland Day (24 February 2015)

I’m delighted to welcome you all at the Russian Embassy for the celebration of the Defender of Motherland Day. This is the Russian Armed Forces Day, which have a glorious history. In 2015 we remember the victory over Nazi Germany and the liberation of Europe, including taking by storm of Budapest, Vienna and Berlin.

25.02.2015 - Russia to Build Its Own Orbital Station After 2024

Russia will continue using the International Space Station (ISS) until around 2024 and is planning to build its own orbital outpost using the existing ISS modules, Federal Space Agency Roscosmos said Tuesday.

23.02.2015 - Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko meets FCO Minister for Europe David Lidington

The Russian Ambassador to the UK, Alexander Yakovenko, met the Foreign Office Minister for Europe, David Lidington, on 23 February. They discussed the statements regarding a “Russian threat” heard in London at an official level that are not helpful for the development of bilateral relations. In the context of media publications on flights by Russian long-range aviation, the Ambassador, citing factual evidence, pointed to the real situation with the galloping increase of NATO military activities near Russian borders. He stressed that this doesn’t improve trust between nations.

19.02.2015 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko meets with troupe of Evgeny Vakhtangov Theatre

On 19 February Ambassador of Russia Alexander Yakovenko met with troupe of the Evgeny Vakhtangov Theatre.

13.02.2015 - Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks at a gala for Diplomatic Worker Day, Moscow, February 12, 2015

We have gathered again in this room on the occasion of our professional holiday. I would like to warmly welcome to this event all of our current and former employees and our friends and colleagues from sister agencies, such as the Presidential Executive Office, the Government Staff, the Security Council and other agencies with which we interact on a daily basis.

06.02.2015 - Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko discusses Syria, Ukraine with Foreign Office Political Director Sir Simon Gass

On 5 February 2015, the Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Dr Alexander Yakovenko, met with Director General for Political Affairs of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Sir Simon Gass.


Over the past several weeks since the start of the public inquiry on the “Litvinenko case” the UK media has been paying much attention to this issue. That is understandable. The journalists are (and should be!) trying to find out the truth. However, the volume of information they possess is obviously insufficient to make any conclusions. Especially so that some of the facts are being deliberately concealed by the British officials (there were reports that Mr Litvinenko was a SIS agent, which obviously explains a lot). As usual, given lack of credible information, newspapers circulate rumors on Russia’s alleged connection to this death.

30.01.2015 - Interview of Minister of Education and Science of Russia Dmitry Livanov on radical restructure for Nature journal

Amid sanctions and a financial crisis, Dmitry Livanov discusses ongoing reforms to science funding. Once a scientific powerhouse, Russia has experienced over the past 25 years a dramatic decline of its research and development capacities and is now lagging far behind other industrialized nations in terms of scientific output.

30.01.2015 - Minister-Counsellor A. Kramarenko met the Mayor of Southwark

On 30 of January Minister-Counsellor of the Russian Embassy Alexander Kramarenko met the Mayor of Southwark Sunil Chopra. They discussed the prospects of organizing a major cross-cultural event under the auspices of Southwark Council in March, including the involvement of Russian community, based in London.

29.01.2015 - Russian Ambassador’s meeting in the Foreign Office

On 29 January Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko was invited to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for a meeting with the Permanent Under-Secretary Simon Fraser.

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