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07.03.2014 13:34 - T Sartain

We were thinking of visiting Russia on a cruise holiday but due to the action taken by the government over Ukraine now we won't I will try not to purchase Russian goods and will ask friends to do the same this is not the way to resolve matters like this the day of gun boat diplomas is long gone and if Russia wants to be seen as a modern democracy it needs to start acting like one

26.02.2014 18:15 - Carole Upton

! have grave concerns regarding the British Goverment, I have been mainly unemployed, over the last 4 years. I have attended the Back to Work program for 2 of these. I have just had to attend A Freeze/UnRefreeze/ReFreeze course at Croydon Job Centre. The material was dubious to say the least. It contained FEAR, False Evedence Appearing Real, JOB = Just Over Broke, and charts of colour colour names, written in colours that did not correspond. You were supposed to relate to the colour it was written in. I do not see how any of this material would help me into employment. We were also told only Insane people get up and go to work. I also have concerns that there is something going on, possibly wordlwide with the colours Pink & Yellow, my daughter is connected with this, and I noticed Pussy Riot were wearing these colours, prior to their detention. Do you have any advice for me on these subjects?.

06.02.2014 16:28 - Dr James B Thring

Today, Secretary of Ministry of Peace posted the following comment on the Oriental Review magazine website with due deference to the efforts of Premier Vladimir Putin February 6th, 2014 at 5:06 PM The defamatory propaganda against Russia’s spectacular Olympics is so mendacious, pervasive and orchestrated by ‘western’ media, which is predominantly owned and controlled by a few notorious oligarchs, that it must emanate from one source with its usual stinging objectives. It is almost certainly to denigrate Premier Putin’s natural defence against the spread of AIDS, homosexuality and the corruption of youth, his righteous arrest of avaricious financial fraudsters and his brave support for the Syrian government, the Palestinians and Iran. Most of humanity would regard these causes as just and laudable. That the media rails against them proves its ties to the one entity which actively indulges in War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide against the Palestinians and other Nations, in espousing sodomy and in banking fraud and in theft of, amongst other things, nuclear technology. Luckily, it is so blatant that all but the most blinkered, brainless, biased or bribed souls will see through it. Unfortunately, many of those who occupy positions of power fall into one or more of those forsaken categories. They thus use our defences, propaganda media and taxes with alacrity to help their felon friends to ever more depraved attacks on the rest of humanity. Those who are left have to peacefully resist these dangerous criminals by at very least expressing our disapproval. It can be more effective to boycott the culprits, write to the key players who are not programmed, use the communications media while it is still open to us and finally take legal action.

10.09.2013 12:54 - barrypaul hollandswain mccain

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10.09.2013 12:31 - Dennis I.Leeds

Mr Ambassador, Please remind your colleague who attended the G20 Conference that during WW2 you did not think of us as being a "Small inconsequential country" because without our assistance you may now be under the jackboots of the Nazis. However,I thank you for honouring all surviving "white berets" long before the British Government did so. Regarding Syria,you are correct to hold fire until it is certain and beyond reasonable doubt who committed the atrocity.

07.09.2013 23:22 - Abid Shah

Dear Mr Ambassador I am very pleased that your government is taking a stand against foreign aggression on Syria until Syria is beyond any doubt proven guilty. With Iraq out of the equation and only Syria remaining as any threat to Israel, is it not possible that Israel could have planted chemical weapons use inside Syria so that Assad gets the blame? You are the only power that has the strength to stand fast on this principle that " No attack unless proven guilty beyond any doubt." Best Wishes Abid Shah

07.06.2013 00:35 - William Chapple

Thanks to Mr Putin for the wisdom, strength and leadership he is showing in resisting the attempts of the US and British governments to establish an Islamist terrorist state in Syria.

06.11.2012 16:36 - Jacqueline Browne

I thank the Russian Government for their recent moves to recognise the bravery and sacrifice of allied soldiers serving on the Arctic convoys during WW11. I ask that Mr Putin ignores the outrageous response he received from the British Foreign Office and urge him to proceed with the award of the Ushakov Medal to the men of the Arctic convoys in recognition of their “outstanding contribution to the allied co-operation” during the Second World War.

23.10.2012 19:18 - Keith at Tregenna

Are you aware that next year is deemed the Year of the Convoy: This would be the best time to ensure the Arctic Heroes are rewarded. The age of these heroes is against them for further years. PLEASE DO ALL POSSIBLE FOR THEM IN THE YEAR OF THE CONVOY 2013: The Five Year Rule: "This is somewhat contradictory to the award of the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal for those who served in operations in Malaya/Malaysia between August 1957 and August 1966. This medal was first struck in 2005 and in 2011 unrestricted permission was given by Her Majesty The Queen for the acceptance and wearing of this medal, even though those who served in this theatre had already received the British General Service Medal, with additional Malaya/Borneo Clasp. I would also like to point out the fact of the award of the Naval GSM and GSM with Suez Canal Zone Clasp which was awarded in 2003 to those who had served between 16th October 1951 and 19th October 1954. This award was also originally subject to the five year rule and should not be considered, which was later changed and the Honours and Decorations Committee endorsed the recommendation" K.

16.10.2012 15:59 - Keith at Tregenna

"On behalf of all surviving Arctic Convoy veterans from WWII, I write with great disappointment and disbelief in regard to the Foreign Office blocking the move to award the Russian "Medal of Ushakov" to those men who endured the severe hardships, we can only imagine in the frozen Arctic in those desperate days of WWII. The Foreign Office state that the rules of acceptance of foreign awards had to have taken place within the previous five years or that permission cannot be granted if they have received a UK award for the same services. This is somewhat contradictory to the award of the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal for those who served in operations in Malaya/Malaysia between August 1957 and August 1966. This medal was first struck in 2005 and in 2011 unrestricted permission was given by Her Majesty The Queen for the acceptance and wearing of this medal, even though those who served in this theatre had already received the British General Service Medal, with additional Malaya/Borneo Clasp. I would also like to point out the fact of the award of the Naval GSM and GSM with Suez Canal Zone Clasp which was awarded in 2003 to those who had served between 16th October 1951 and 19th October 1954. This award was also originally subject to the five year rule and should not be considered, which was later changed and the Honours and Decorations Committee endorsed the recommendation. It would seem rather ironic considering the Prime Ministers recent speech the other day on national television in regard to the millions of pounds, rightly so, the Government are going to put into the forthcoming 100th Anniversary of the start of WWI, as an act of remembrance to educate those at school and the sacrifice made by so many, but they are not willing to consider an award to those veterans of WWII still living by stating a rule that has been overturned with previous awards. On behalf of myself, those of us who have served at sea and the few remaining Arctic Heroes, I ask you to continue to show support and let them be honoured by a country that still remembers their sacrifice"



Dear sir/madam, there are many tourism reports about constant growth in Russia's tourism, both domestic and international. I too am keen on promoting tourism to Russia. Are there any verified figures that are approved or tolerated by the embassy which quantify approximate numbers of tourists and from which country they travelled. I`m very interested to see where the growth markets are. Very many thanks.

Dear Madam,

This information is available at http://www.russiatourism.ru/rubriki/-1124140228/

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Hello a friend of mine has gone to the russian embassy in moscow to get a 30 day visitors visa and said that they have to prove that they have so much money per day the total being 2100 pounds before they are alowed a visa to come to the uk is this true?

Dear Sir,
This is a clear case of "Romance scam". Do not send any money. Please note also http://www.rusemb.org.uk/scamvictims/

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Dear Russian Embassy, my name is Radomíra Koudelková, I have just graduated in English Literature and Linguistics and Russian Literature and Linguistics, and spent a trimester at Durham University. I would like to ask whether you offer any kind of internship, summer job or later a full-time job. I have passed the proficiency level in English, I am also fluent in Russian, German and Czech. Thank you for your reply! With best regards, Radomíra Koudelková

We regret to inform you that only Russian citizens who study full time at Russian universities are eligible for internship in Russian diplomatic missions. They should apply via they respective dean.

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Do you offer tours of the Embassy?

Like embassies of other countries, we are not normally open to individual visitors. We do consider applications by large groups of students etc. interested in Russian foreign policy.

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My father served with the Royal Navy from 1941 to the end of the war on Russian North Sea convoy duty, on HMS Belfast and HMS Cumberland, and he saw action against the Scharnhorst. Before he died in 1999 he talked of his fond but brief time he spent on shore at Archangel & Murmansk and the generosity of everyone he met. I understand that (unlike the UK government) the Russian Federation, recognises the British sailors contributions to the North Sea convoys and have minted a medal in recognition of service. Is it possible that I could ask, on behalf of my 89 year old mother, for any honour that may be due to my late father. I am happy to furnish evidence of my father's war record as you require. Thank you

We sincerely regret to inform you that the Russian medals awarded to the ex-servicemen of the Arctic Convoys cannot be presented posthumously.

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Dear Sir, Is there an Embassy Chapel? Thank you

Dear Sir,

According to the Constitution, no religion can be declared official in Russia, though the law recognizes Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism as traditional religions (see rusemb.org.uk/religion/ for more information). Therefore there is no Embassy Chapel. The Russian Orthodox Cathedral churches in London are the ones of the Sourozh diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church (www.sourozh.org/) and of the Diocese of Germany and Britain of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (www.rocor.org.uk/) which are in communion with each other. At rusemb.org.uk/rusplaces/you can see the former Imperial Russian Embassy chapel at Welbeck street, which was the focal point for the Russian community for over 100 years, even when the diplomatic relations were broken off in 1800 and 1807-1812, when the priest Iakov Smirnov acted as de-facto ambassador of Russia.

Regards, Press Office

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Does Russia still pay money for informants?

If you have any information about terror attacks against Russia, please inform the Federal Security Service fsb@fsb.ru

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Will a list of names of the foreign WWII recipients of the Ushakov Medal be published?

In Russian the list of US, Australian and New Zealand veterans awarded is published at http://www.rus.rusemb.org.uk/press/343

The UK Arctic Convoys veterans are pending Royal Consent.

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Good afternoon, i am a student of international relations who is highly interested in internship in the embassy.I am a native Russian- language speaker and studying currently in English. Do you happen to have any internships available? Thank you in advance

We regret to inform you that only full time students of Russian universities who are citizens of Russia can apply for internship practice at Russian diplomatic missions via their respective dean’s office.

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Good Afternoon, I am doing a design research project about 19th Victorian London. I saw some illustrations of the Russian Embassy Chapel at Welbeck Street, it is quite magnificent. Would you be able to advise me as to where I could find more information about the Embassy building, in particular photographs or illustrations of the architecture & decor of the building in the 1800`s? Thanking you. Kind Regards. Emma

Dear Madam,

The current building is occupied by the USSR, then Russian Embassy since 1929, you can find information on it at http://www.rusemb.org.uk/history/ We have a photo gallery of other former Embassy buildings (including the Welbeck St. church) at http://www.rusemb.org.uk/rusplaces/, it also includes other landmarks associated with Russia.

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Im representing the russian federation on a United nations model, my topic it`s the arms trade treaty, i would like to know why russia has abstained from voting, i really need to know in order to make resolutions and acquire fluency during the debate, i understand that russia wants to dialogue because it has been skeptical towards the treaty, but it isn`t clear why. i would be really grateful to know about the country`s position and arguments towards the treaty. thank you very much.

The Russian Federation is determined to achieve a truly robust and efficient document with clear goals, objectives and parameters, based on the highest international standards. Such a document should guarantee the right of every state to arm itself for the national defence, produce, sell and buy weapons; consider priorities and specifics of every region with clear wording, which won’t allow its arbitrary interpretation, as well as the differences in the states’ approaches to political, economical, military and humanitarian aspects of arms trade and in levels of national arms control systems.

The status of the document - legally or politically binding- should not be predetermined, but specified depending on its final coordinated content. The Russian Federation believes that the primary goal of a possible document should be countering arms diversion to illicit circulation. The threat posed by arms in the hands of illegal armed groups and brokers, terrorists, extremists and organized crime as well as arms proliferation in the zones of military conflict and territories under the UN embargo is real and serious and requires an adequate response by the international community.

The future ATT must be universal, practically executable and applicable in any state, no matter whether it is a manufacturer, exporter or buyer of arms and, in our opinion, have to consist of the following provisions:

  • Establishment of the highest international standards in the sphere of import, export and transfer of conventional arms and weapons;
  • Regulation of those fields of arms trade which due to the transparency deficit and some subjective factors are especially sensible such as re-export and transfer of arms made without license, broker activities, end-user control, arms supply for the non-governmental structures and organizations;
  • Development of national legislation to control the internal circulation of imported and transferred arms.

The Russian Federation strictly insists on compliance of the principle of consensus in the ATT process. We are confident that the decision making based on majority principle rather than consensus would dramatically narrow the possibilities for compromise as well as consideration of the minority opinion. It could create the atmosphere of competition among the ATT process participants and affect negatively the effectiveness of joint work. Besides, the principle of consensus is required by the UN GA resolutions and we consider the revision of this rule at the final stage of the ATT Conference preparatory work as unjustified and counterproductive.

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Your press release regarding the Usherkov Medal mentions Australian, New Zealand and US citizens. Are UK citizens to be awarded the Medal?

The Russian side has requested Royal Consent for the British veterans of the Arctic Convoys to be awarded the Ushakov Medal, which is named in honour of the illustrious Russian admiral and is awarded for gallantry in naval action. We have been informed by the FCO that according to the current British regulations, the person to be awarded should have shown merit during the last 5 years. Consequently, the Embassy has sent letters to some 1200 veterans of the Royal Navy and Merchant Marine to request information on their relevant activities within veterans’ organizations, including within the context of Russia-UK relationship over the past 5 years. As soon as their answers are received they will be forwarded to the FCO with a corresponding note of the Embassy.

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Is there any russian parties,discoes or concerts going on in London in spring/summer 2012?

You can find information about Russian events in UK at http://www.rusemb.org.uk/forthcomingevents/

We normally do not promote commercial events, but rather not-for-profit happenings.

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I am a native Russian speaker, who has been educated in the UK. I have had a highly successful career in Sales/Account Management with a wealth of experience demonstrated in sectors including fine wines and property lettings. I am currently seeking a career-enhancing opportunity, which will provide me with a personal and professional challenge. Could you please let me know if you have any career opportunities available.

Dear Valeria,The Embassy itself does not work as an employment agency. However we are aware that knowing Russian gives you a competitive advantage in employment in the UK. According to a 2009 CBI survey 21% of British employers are looking for Russian-speaking staff. Those who have achieved professional success can give you advice at the Russian Speaking Community Council (http://www.russian-council.co.uk/), umbrella organization for all community associations. It also runs a new useful portal http://www.cometogether.org.uk/.

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Your Excellency,
On 4 February the Syrian government escalated a bloody crackdown in residential areas of the city of Horns. On the same day Russia vetoed a weak draft resolution at the UN Security Council, despite widespread support from other members. A strong and binding UN resolution on Syria is an important step to help end the violent crackdown and human rights violations currently being committed in the country.

Meanwhile, the shocking escalation of force by Syrian authorities continues. More than 6000 Syrians are reported to have been killed across the country during or in connection with the protests since mid-March 2011. The majority of the dead are unarmed people who appear to have been killed as a result of the shelling, or shot by snipers. Hundreds more are reported to have been injured: most are being treated in makeshift field hospitals or at their homes. Arrests continue to be carried out across Syria: thousands are believed to be detained incommunicado and are at high risk of torture.

The Syrian government seems to think that the Security Council veto has given it the green light to crush resistance in Syria by any means. I appeal to you and to your government to show leadership and to use your international influence, and your close relationship with Syria, to bring an end to the grave human rights violations being committed in Syria and ensure accountability for abuses committed there.

Yours Sincerely,
International - Hammersmith and Fulham Group

Information source

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your letter. We understand your concern and would like to explain Russia’s attitude to the conflict in Syria.Regarding the UN discussion and vote, Russia had worked constructively on the draft resolutions of the UN Security Council and the General Assembly. The aim of the Russian amendments was to ensure the following elements to be reflected in the texts:- condemnation of all violence, not only the violence on the part of government forces- demand to the political opposition to dissociate itself from extremists- the need for the armed opposition groups to leave urban areas in conjunction with the withdrawal of government forces- focus on the need for the crisis to be overcome by the Syrians themselves and thus no hint at armed external intervention.

Unfortunately, these ideas (which now have been basically incorporated into the Annan Plan) were not supported by some of our UN partners, due to which Russia voted against the drafts.

The influence that Russia allegedly has over the Syrian Government is seriously exaggerated. We are working tirelessly with Damascus on the diplomatic front in order to induce the Syrian authorities to begin a dialogue with the opposition, and we have managed to secure the Syrian government's agreement to hold such a dialogue. Regrettably, the opposition, including the Syrian National Council, has so far rejected it. We expect our international partners who enjoy a significant influence over the opposition groups to exercise similar pressure on those in order to induce them to stop armed actions and start negotiating.

To avert a full scale civil war, it is necessary to exert every effort to launch an inclusive political process in Syria, involving both the authorities and all the opposition groups. We hope that the appointment of the former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan as Joint UN / Arab League Special Envoy to Syria mandated to bring the parties to the negotiating table will help to unlock the situation.

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