8 February 2016
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If you feel that you became a victim of a scam from the territory of the Russian Federation, please do not hesitate to file a complaint (translated into Russian) to the Cyber Crime Prevention Department (Department “K”) of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation by e-mail: press@cybercop.ru or by conventional post on the following address: Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation, 119049 Russia, Moscow, Zhitnaya St., 16, or Ministry’s Public Liaison Office, Russia, Moscow, Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya St., 11, tel: + 7 (495) 667-22-21; and keep on communicating with it until the investigation is completed.


Comments: 5

30.12.2015 00:03 - mwickes

a Russia girl named titiana or evgeniya she long blond hair with a child in photo its a scam she got a lot money of me , ive got all emails an photoes she sent beware its a good scam she says about 36 child 8 , big up top with long blond hair wish I could get my money back some how

23.11.2015 11:38 - tom

I am under the process of investigating this Russian woman who lives I in solikamsk and is now supposed to be stuck in ekaterrinburg has sent me a copy of her ticket which I don't know whether its fake she also sent photos of her luggage a Russian newspaper and an id card she has a booking on this flight to the uk and I am suspicious because I have checked with all the airline Lufthansa is one and cannot find here on the date she supposed to be travelling no passenger on that flight of that mame plus now she tell me her name will not go the list of passengers until she collects her documents and gone to customs I have never heard of this before what does anyone think of this one?

02.06.2014 22:23 - colin pearson

i have a feeling i am being set up for a scam by a russian lady. i am fortunate in not having any money but it has now got to a stage where she wants to come to england but has now mentioned the cost of obtaining the necessary documents. can someone tell me the documents needed to enter this country on a holiday basis

18.08.2013 04:58 - BRIAN NEELY

I was scammed by a Russian female to marry her She came to UK left me after 15 weeks and went straight to another man who it seems she spent 6 weeks with in a Tver Hotel whilst A Tver angel(a hostess for some club )She scammed me for over £20,000 and scammed her previous a UK citizen like me for over £40,000 she is now with this ex client I wouldn t sign my house to her and that's why she left the last husband too She is already taking money from this other man UI have all the details if you wish Can you please help stop this I have found a link for this scam run by a Moscow woman

11.10.2012 15:52 - Andrew Pearce

Yes, I believe that I have been a victim of a scam from the territory of the Russian Federation. I don't speak Russian. Would you consider accepting my complaint in English please or would I need to get it translated? Your advice would be appreciated. Regards Andrew Pearce