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11.12.2013 - Lavrov's Iran visit: Building on Geneva nuclear agreement (by Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to UK, for Russia Today)

Russia’s Foreign Minister is on his first visit to Iran since President Rouhani took office. Consistent implementation of the key Geneva agreement on the Iranian nuclear program is paving the way to regional stability and international security.

11.12.2013 - Deal with Iran: New opportunities for region (by Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to UK, for Russia Today)

The successful talks on the Iranian nuclear program (INP) in Geneva have brought us closer to a solution to one of the most complex international problems.

11.12.2013 - Ambassador Yakovenko on the achievements in the Russian-British relationship in 2013 (Interfax)

The events of the passing year have confirmed that normalization of our bilateral political dialogue has become a stable and steady trend. Our relationship has been developing in a sustainable, dynamic manner, moving in the right direction, i.e. serving the mutual interests of Russia and the UK, our citizens. And most importantly, we share the philosophy that strong multilateral diplomacy should be supplemented by robust bilateral relationships, strong enough to withstand the impact of any political conjuncture.

10.12.2013 - Ambassador Yakovenko: Russo-British Chamber of Commerce – a partner in developing co-operation between Russia and the UK

Economic co-operation is traditionally one of the most important elements of the developing relations between Russia and the UK. Whatever were the circumstances driving our political dialogue and differences on some issues on the international agenda, our companies continued to trade with each other, opening offices and creating jobs.

03.12.2013 - A celebration of cultural links with a long and proud tradition (by Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to UK)

The governments of Russia and Great Britain have designated the year 2014 as Russian-British Year of Culture. More than 250 cultural events are expected to take place in the first project on that scale in our bilateral relations. However, we are not starting from scratch. British culture has always been welcome in Russia (favourites include Shakespeare, The Beatles, the architect Charles Cameron, the artists James Whistler and George Dawe) but Russian culture has also been popular for centuries in Britain. There is plenty of evidence that our cultural relationship has always had strong elements of interaction and mutual influence.

22.11.2013 - Is a deal with Iran possible? (by Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to UK, for Russia Today)

Russia has always been an advocate of a peaceful settlement to the Iranian nuclear problem and respected Tehran's right to peaceful uses of atomic energy under strict international control.

15.11.2013 - Is UNSC reform possible? (by Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to UK, for Russia Today)

The reform of the United Nations Security Council is a crucial issue on the current international agenda. Depending on the outcome, it will determine the effectiveness of the work of the whole UN system for the foreseeable future.


Euro-Atlantic facing a real global competition. Now, that the fifth year of the global financial and economic crisis is coming to an end, nobody doubts that the world has entered the period of radical transformation. The crisis of the Soviet society and of the socialist system, which has led to the end of the Cold War at the turn of 80s-90s, has now been supplemented by the crisis of the Western society, including liberal economy and broadly-based representative democracy.

30.10.2013 - Moving beyond ‘conflict of civilizations’ to multipolar equilibrium (by Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to UK, for Russia Today)

It appears that the issues of ethnic and cultural identity play a growing role in international affairs, contrary to what was previously thought.

29.10.2013 - Briefing of Press Attache of Russian Embassy: "Russia’s G20 Presidency: Outcomes"

Russia’s G20 Presidency, now drawing to a close, was a success. One of the factors that secured this success was that Russia has been able to develop a unifying summit agenda reflecting major aspirations of both developed states and emerging economies. The interests of the least developed countries have found a proper representation as well.

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