20 September 2021
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Current travel rules to Russia

We would like to remind you of the COVID travel rules to Russia.

British and foreign nationals with a UK residence document can apply for any type of visa and travel to Russia either directly from London to Moscow or transiting one of the approved countries. The list of these countries can be found on our website.

The flight ban between the UK and Russia was lifted on 2 June and flights can operate from London to Moscow. Currently, there are no flights to other Russian cities. As it stands, there are three Aeroflot flights – Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and two BA flights – Wednesday and Saturday. Even if you can buy WizzAir tickets online both to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, to our knowledge, there are still no flights from this airline. For more information you should contact the airlines directly in advance.

Foreign nationals living in the UK can apply for a visa and travel to Russia only if they can provide a UK residence document or a printout from the Home Office website showing the residence status (settled or pre-settled). This printout should be certified by a notary/solicitor or by the Consulate (respective information is available on our website).

In order to be accepted for boarding a plane, all British and foreign nationals (even small children) have to show a medical document in English or Russian confirming the negative PCR-test. The test should be done not earlier than 3 days before arrival to Russia. Such a document should be issued by a private medical provider. NHS confirmations are not valid.

All foreign passengers have to fill in a questionnaire while on board. Registration on the special website Gosuslugi is not necessary.

All passengers arriving from the UK, even transiting via a third country, are subject to 14 days self-isolation. Once this restriction is lifted, the information will be updated on our website.

Please, bear in mind that not respecting these rules is at your own risk.



17.09.2021 - Some features of the private visa

When parents of a Russian child are not married, the foreign parent can also apply for a single-, double- or multiple-entry private visa upon a written invitation of the second parent (Russian national).

16.09.2021 - Working hours of the Visa Center

Visa center opening hours changed.

08.09.2021 - Multiple-entry private visas to close relatives

According to the last amendments to the visa regulations from 1 September 2021 it is possible to apply for a multiple-entry private visa to close relatives of Russian nationals for up to 1 year

07.09.2021 - Multiple-entry tourist visas

Since 25 August 2021 amendments to Article 25.6 of the Federal Law "On the procedure for leaving the Russian Federation and entering the Russian Federation" entered into force. Now a single or double-entry tourist visa for up to 3 months or a multiple-entry tourist visa for up to 6 months can be issued on the basis of the tourist «Confirmation» (which goes along with the «Voucher»).

03.09.2021 - Lifting the 14-days isolation for passengers arriving from the UK

The isolation for those arriving to Russia from the UK is no longer required.

02.09.2021 - The regions of the Russian Federation

We are happy to bring to the attention of our visitors some information on different regions of the Russian Federation.

19.08.2021 - On entering into force of the Agreement between Russia and Togolese Republic.

The Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Togolese Republic on conditions of the waiver of visa requirements for holders of Russian and Togoles diplomatic and service passports is entering into force.

09.08.2021 - On private visas for close relatives.

The rule for issuing private visas for close relatives was amended

03.08.2021 - On entering into force of the Agreement between Russia and the Republic of Namibia.

The Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Namibia on conditions of the waiver of visa requirements for holders of Russian and Namibian passports entered into force on 2 August 2021.

09.07.2021 - The new travel rules for Russian nationals entering Russia

A new decision of Rospotrebnadzor entered into force on 7 June and two mandatory PCR-tests for Russian nationals coming back to the homeland are not necessary anymore.

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