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1629 days have passed since the Salisbury incident - no credible information or response from the British authorities                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1621 days have passed since the death of Nikolay Glushkov on British soil - no credible information or response from the British authorities



Current travel rules to Russia

We would like to remind you of the COVID travel rules to Russia.

British and foreign nationals with a UK residence document can apply for any type of visa and travel to Russia either directly from London to Moscow or transiting one of the approved countries. The list of these countries can be found on our website.

The flight ban between the UK and Russia was lifted on 2 June and flights can operate from London to Moscow. Currently, there are no flights to other Russian cities. As it stands, there are three Aeroflot flights – Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and two BA flights – Wednesday and Saturday. Even if you can buy WizzAir tickets online both to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, to our knowledge, there are still no flights from this airline. For more information you should contact the airlines directly in advance.

Foreign nationals living in the UK can apply for a visa and travel to Russia only if they can provide a UK residence document or a printout from the Home Office website showing the residence status (settled or pre-settled). This printout should be certified by a notary/solicitor or by the Consulate (respective information is available on our website).

In order to be accepted for boarding a plane, all British and foreign nationals (even small children) have to show a medical document in English or Russian confirming the negative PCR-test. The test should be done not earlier than 3 days before arrival to Russia. Such a document should be issued by a private medical provider. NHS confirmations are not valid.

All foreign passengers have to fill in a questionnaire while on board. Registration on the special website Gosuslugi is not necessary.

All passengers arriving from the UK, even transiting via a third country, are subject to 14 days self-isolation. Once this restriction is lifted, the information will be updated on our website.

Please, bear in mind that not respecting these rules is at your own risk.



10.06.2022 - On 13 June the Consular Section will be closed

On 13 June the Consular Section will be closed

25.05.2022 - Operational changes in the Consular Section

Due to the irresponsible attitude of the UK government we are sorry to reduce the extent of all consular services starting from 24 June.

19.05.2022 - Changing of the address of the Visa Center in London.

Russia Visa application center has moved to new location from 16th May 2022. Please make note of the new address below: Russia Visa application center has moved to new location from 16th May 2022. Please make note of the new address below: Suite 203 – 205, Second floor, Davina House, 137-149 Goswell Rd, London EC1V7ET

28.04.2022 - Official holiday at the Consular Section

Due to official holiday the Consular Section will be closed on 2-3 and 9-10 May.

25.04.2022 - Payment of consular fees

While paying consular fees, please take the exact amount due conforming to the actual Tariff of consular fees.

11.04.2022 - Consular cooperation with HMPO has been terminated

We regret to acknowledge that the British competent authorities have decided to terminate the good cooperation via consular channels with Her Majesty Passport Office.

07.04.2022 - On retaliatory visa measures due to the unfriendly actions of a number of foreign states

In response to the unilateral decision of the European Union to partially suspend the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the European Community on the facilitation of the issuance of visas to citizens of the Russian Federation and the European Union of 25 May 2006 and the identical decisions of Denmark, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland in relation to similar bilateral agreements on 4 April, 2022, the President of the Russian Federation signed the Decree No. 183 “On retaliatory visa measures in connection with the unfriendly actions of a number of foreign states” (http://kremlin.ru/acts/news/68137).

02.04.2022 - On the removal of restrictions on the issuance of Russian visas for a number of African countries.

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation the issuance of all categories of Russian visas have been resumed for foreign citizens holders of the passports of South - African Republic, Republic of Botswana, Kingdom of Lesotho, Republic of Namibia, Republic of Zimbabwe, Republic of Mozambique, Republic of Madagascar, Kingdom of Eswatini, United Republic of Tanzania, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

10.03.2022 - Travelling to Russia for foreign citizens.

Despite the suspension of Aeroflot and British Airways flights, entry to the Russian Federation is still allowed for all categories of foreign citizens, including British citizens with valid Russian visas.

10.03.2022 - About the closure of the Visa Application Center in Manchester.

The visa application center in Manchester is temporarily closed.

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