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Iran is a traditional partner and a good neighbour of Russia. We are committed to further strengthening the friendly relations with Tehran to the benefit of the Russian and the Iranian peoples, in the interest of strengthening security and mutual understanding in the region. 

We respect the right of Iran to peaceful use of atomic energy and cooperate with the Iranians in developing their nuclear energy sector. At the same time, we are resolutely against any possibility of a military dimension of the Iranian nuclear programme. We believe that concerns of the international community with regard to some aspects of the programme have to be seriously addressed. That is why Russia has supported UN Security Council resolutions on Iran.

Russia is confident that there is no alternative to a negotiated diplomatic solution of the Iran-related issues, which by definition involves give-and-take, i.e. compromises. We believe it important to maintain and increase the presence of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts and observers in Iran, who, so far, have found no evidence of illegal nuclear activities. We support the efforts of the Agency in clearing up the questions concerning the development of the Iranian nuclear programme, all the more so as the necessity of such efforts has been confirmed by resolutions of the IAEA Governing Council and the UN Security Council. 

Russia stresses the importance of resuming the talks between the Six (China, France, Russia, UK, USA, Germany, also known as P5+1 or E3+3) and Iran. We consider those an opportunity to resolve diplomatically the critical issue of ensuring that Iran abide by its international obligations. The strategy developed by the P5+1 suggests that as soon as Iran, through IAEA verification, confirms the peaceful nature of its nuclear programme, it will gain all the rights of a non- nuclear State Party to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, including the right to enrich uranium for the nuclear fuel cycle. Within this context, Russia is committed to the phased approach and the principle of concrete reciprocity when every step made by Tehran to meet the expectations of the IAEA and the UN is followed by a tangible alleviation of the sanctions.

Russia is against all attempts to impose unilateral restrictions in addition to those agreed in the UN Security Council, since such steps undermine joint efforts and split the international community. They give Tehran the reason to suspect the West in being rather in creating conditions for a “regime change”, something that is unacceptable in modern international relations. To miss the existing chances for a constructive solution of the Iranian issue means provoking further confrontation and distrust.

The Russian Federation believes that the confrontational approach may lead to severe consequences not only on a regional but also on a global scale. Longstanding experience shows that Iran will not cooperate under pressure. 

There is no military solution to the problem. Preventive strikes that are widely discussed can only lead to a regional disaster, not to mention that they would constitute a grave violation of the principle of non-use of force, a cornerstone of the existing rules-based international system and international law.