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02.08.2017 - Comment by the Information and Press Department on the terrorist attack in Afghanistan

More than 90 people were killed or injured in an attack against a Shiite mosque in Herat in western Afghanistan on August 1.

02.08.2017 - Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: playing with fire (by Ambassador Yakovenko for RT)

On July 7, the work on the draft Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (PNW) was completed in New York. Russia considers this Treaty as counterproductive and potentially dangerous, which brings humanity no closer to a world free of nuclear weapons and threatens to damage the existing non-proliferation regimes. The international community has already created universal mechanisms, based on the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), which allow a gradual cut of nuclear arsenals. At the same time, it provides for the strengthening of international stability and ensuring equal security for all states, including non-nuclear. We are convinced that the NPT contains all the necessary provisions in this sphere that must be applied consistently.

02.08.2017 - Answer to a media question by Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department Anastasia Fyodorova in connection with new manifestations of glorifying Nazism in Estonia

Question: How would you comment on the July 29, 2017 annual convention of veterans of the 20th Estonian Waffen-SS Division’s veterans in Sinimae in northeastern Estonia, which involved former SS service personnel, including members of punitive units that had operated outside Estonia, Nazi accomplices and their modern followers? Anastasia Fyodorova: We can confirm that former SS service personnel who have proclaimed themselves national heroes and “freedom fighters” with the support of Estonian authorities were also honoured this year on the territory of a modern European state, that is, in Sinimae, Estonia.

02.08.2017 - Press release on Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov’s meeting with Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Russia Park Ro-byug

On August 1, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov met with Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Russia Park Ro-byug.

01.08.2017 - Attention UK journalists!

If you are a journalist/blogger with significant following, and you are interested in counter-terrorism issues, you can apply for 13th international conference “Terrorism and Electronic Media”, taking place in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 26-29 September.

01.08.2017 - Press release on the signing of the Additional Protocol to the Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism

The purpose of the Protocol is to supplement the provisions of the 2005 Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism so as to invigorate the efforts of the states in preventing terrorism and its negative effects on the full enjoyment of human rights, in particular the right to life, both by measures to be taken at the national level and through international co-operation.

31.07.2017 - Comment by the Information and Press Department on developments on the Korean Peninsula

The latest developments on the Korean Peninsula have become a matter of grave concern against the backdrop of yet another launch of a ballistic missile by the DPRK on July 28 in stark violation of UN Security Council resolutions. At the same time, the United States, the Republic of Korea and Japan have stepped up their military activity, as Washington carries on with its plans to deploy elements of its global missile defence system to the sub-region by installing them in South Korea.

31.07.2017 - The Main Naval Parade in St Petersburg

In accordance with the Presidential Executive Order of July 27, 2017, the Main Naval Parade was held for the first time in Russia’s modern history. The parade featured the passing of ships and a marine air force unit overflight. Sailors from the Baltic, Black Sea, Northern and Pacific fleets and the Caspian Flotilla participated in the parade.

30.07.2017 - Foreign Ministry’s statement

On July 27, the US Congress passed a new bill on tougher anti-Russia sanctions. This measure is further proof of the Unites States’ extremely hostile foreign policy. Hiding behind its own "exclusiveness", the United States arrogantly ignores the stances and interests of other countries.

30.07.2017 - Press release on Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov’s meeting with US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft

On July 28, the United States Ambassador to Russia John Tefft was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, where he was handed the Foreign Ministry’s statement concerning Moscow’s decision with regard to the staff and facilities of US diplomatic missions.

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