18 November 2017
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12.11.2017 11:48 - Andy Gibbs

Today I am watching the London Remembrance Service. I always remember the millions of people who died in your country in the fight against Hitler's madness. Without the effort and great losses of your people I would not be alive. My maternal grandmother was Jewish from Vilna and no doubt all her relatives would have been killed. I always remember that if your people had not fought then Hitler would have won and I would have been dead. SO THANK YOU!

13.12.2016 22:10 - Richard barker

I like to thank Russia for having the courage to stand up against the nazi in ww2 and the nazi of nato,you saved the Jews and christian people,I'm a shamed how my government demonized the brave president Putin,who stands upto I.s, and will not buckel to meddling nazi in Ukraine,I am a person of many in uk, who stand behind Russia,thankfully not every one hold the view of uk government, I pray oneday mr Putin come Chatham Kent .thankyou to a proud nation.Richard barker